8:00 AM - Eucharist Worship Service
9:00 AM - Bible Study
10:00 AM - Eucharist Worship Service
12:00 PM - Eucharist Worship Service - Spanish

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Transitional Prayer

Dear God our Provider, Protector and Savior,        

We thank you for your invitation to get into the boat with you to reach the other side during the storm.  You know our very concern and fear.

We pray to be open to change, to recognize your will for us, to use our gifts for the community's growth, and to honor the power of prayer.

So that the person who is called will be "on board' to engage, energize, encourage and support the direction our boat is taking.

In the name of the Great Rescuer, AMEN.

 (Developed in conjunction with the EFM Group: Karen, Donna, Debra, Carol, Ginny, Linda and Jean. 3/4/2016)

A Warm Welcome Awaits You