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About Holy Spirit

The mottos of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church are:

"A Warm Welcome Awaits You!" and "Descending Dove - Unending Love"

We believe that as a community of faith, we live into these mottoes. Holy Spirit is  a congregation where all are welcomed with open arms. Our visitors are often shocked and gladly recount the grace of that loving welcome.

Our primary intent is to focus on Jesus Christ. We strive to live out His ministry of love through Word and Sacrament, through love and care for one another and in reaching out to the world to share that same love.

Our lives together are spent in joyful worship, holy silence and beautiful song. We invite you to come and share in the love of Christ in this blessed and truly

Our Story

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, has a rich history. In 1952, the area around Vedado Park was a quickly developing neighborhood with new houses being built and young families moving to the area.  Holy Trinity Episcopal Church was asked by the Diocese of South Florida to begin a new Mission to serve this growing community and appointed a committee to begin organization.  The Vestry Committee, chosen by the late Reverend James Stirling, Rector of Holy Trinity, consisted of Henry W. Hall, Richard B. Alexander, Robert B. Tylander, Thomas Suddath, and William Setchel.  This endeavor would later become the Church of the Holy Spirit which was begun in 1952 as a Mission of Holy Trinity Church, West Palm Beach, Florida.

The first services were held in the Hillcrest Vedado Clubhouse on November 22, 1952.  The congregation numbered 26 adults and 24 children.  Services continued to be held at the Clubhouse under the direction of the Reverend John Moore, an Assistant Priest at Holy Trinity.  Each week all that was needed for worship was brought to the clubhouse: chairs, kneelers, prayer books, and communion vessels; all of which had been donated by other churches.  This was literally a ‘church on wheels’.  In fact, that is how the church got its name, the Holy Spirit was truly evident in providing for the needs of this dedicated group.

The MISSION of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

We will boldly live out the love of Christ and share God's grace through open hands and hearts.

The VISION of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

We will follow Christ, serving God and our neighbors. The cornerstone of our church is dynamic, corporate worship which combines traditional and contemporary styles. We invite everyone to join fully in the life of our unique, diverse and caring community of faith. Our programs will be relevant, expansive, and innovative to meet the needs of all members. We will be good stewards of our resources and make full use of technology in all areas of our parish life. We will be a good neighbor to our surrounding community. Our enthusiasm and devotion will attract and retain new members.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You